The Thrill of Black Bear Hunting

Back in 1907, President Teddy Roosevelt went black bear hunting for two full weeks and had the time of his life. Even though he was President of the United States of America, which brought with it many exciting moments as you could imagine, it was hunting that gave old Teddy perhaps his greatest thrill. Toward the end of his two week time in the woods, he eventually did shoot and kill a bear, and later thanked the people he visited with for allowing him to enjoy his favorite pastime.

The thrill of the hunt gets man’s blood moving faster than normal. It’s an adrenaline rush to spot a bear, chase it, and, if lucky, capture a trophy that you’ll be boasting about to friends for years to come.

Sure, you can hunt little animals like ducks, rabbits and pheasant, but if you want a big challenge and bragging rights, you’ve got to go for the bigger animals, and few are bigger than the hulking black bears of Ontario, Canada. Some can weigh as much as 500 pounds!

Did you ever dream of hunting bear in the wild? Fletcher Lake Lodge is a modern resort-style base camp for many hunters, who make the memorable trip to the Canadian wilderness in a place that’s far from everyday society.

Fletcher Lake Lodge offers week long bear hunts that include ladder stands and/or ground blinds, pre-baiting, and even fly-out of harvested animals. In other words, the situation is set-up nicely for you and your friends or family to have a bear hunting adventure.

Are you brave enough to hunt black bears? If so, call Fletcher Lake Lodge at 218-386-1538 or 807-224-3400 and ask about our hunting packages.

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